Welcome to DollarCake. Introducing Web3 + Social Media Monetization

Content monetization needs to change and change fast. We at Dollarcake believe that creators and their community should both be able to enjoy the upside of growing their community together.

The problem today, especially with YouTube, with each passing year, has been taking a bigger percent of the CPM from their creators and decreasing Traffic to Creators that doesn’t fit their algorithms.

YouTube day-by-day is turning their backs to the very creators and community that made YouTube successful.

Current Problems with Youtube

  1. YT creators need to earn more

The demonetization algorithm is AI-based and produces many false positives. There are no set rules as to why one video is demonetized and another isn’t. The appeal process can take days, by then the majority of the traffic is gone.

2. YT community needs to earn

3. YT creators need more eyeballs

4. Advertisers need better access to YouTube Community


Jardon Maroon

Social media needs to evolve

We believe that social media needs to evolve, however, this is not going to come overnight, it will be slow progress as Web3 continues to evolve and grow. We believe a web3 hybrid is the start of the decoupling of huge Social media monopolies.

Web3 makes it possible for the first time for the youtube community to share in the ad revenue.

What is Dollarcake? (Solution)

So, what is Dollarcake? To keep things simple.

Dollarcake is a dead-simple web3 browser plugin — think honey for Youtubers.

We went right to the source and built Dollarcake with the help of Youtube creators.

Even though YouTube might not be paying the best CPM, all the attention and SEO are there. We have spoken and worked with Youtubers creators, who just want to focus on building their YT channel but don’t want to go anywhere else.

So this is why we created Dollarcake.

Dollarcake is a Web3 browser plugin that overlays on Youtube.

As a Youtube creator and community supporter, all you gotta do is download the Dollarcake extension and let the magic happen.

How does it work?

Phase 1 of our ecosystem

Step #1

Dollarcake currently blocks YouTubers ads and replaces it with our pre-selected targeted Ads. Dollarcake has its own recommendation engine of those in the cake community

Step #2

Ad revenue then is shared with the Youtube creator and their community in the form of $CAKE and deposited directly in your wallet (in the Dollarcake extension) that you own.

Step #3

Community supporters will have the ability to bake their token with their favourite YouTubers to support them. Our protocol in the background will deploy the best yield strategies for said creators and monthly earnings will be split between the creator and their community.

At the end of the day, we have created the Dollarcake ecosystem to be a Positive sum to all creators. As Dollar Cake grows so does the community.

Whats our Roadmap

Currently, we are in early Alpha on Test Net and hope to launch a public beta version in November

How to get involved

If you want to get involved and help us, whether you are a Youtube creator, a community supporter or just in general, reach us on our Discord

Built for the YouTube community. Soon you will be able to earn a stablecoin right on Youtube. https://dollarcake.com/

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